Chirs Abbott

Director Chris Abbott is founder of Watership Associates Ltd.

Chris is a CBRN specialist with 39 years’ experience primarily gained in the UK Royal Air Force where he earned an international reputation for his CBRN expertise. Since leaving the Royal Air Force in 2006 Chris has worked as a CBRN specialist advisor to industry and in early 2011 he established Watership Associates, a specialist CBRN consultancy. As well as being a Director of Koukoula Limited, Chris is a Director of the UK Emergency Planning Society and is also Vice-Chairman of CBRN-UK, the UK CBRN industry’s special interest group, and a member of the UK Home Office CBRN Industrial Advisory Group.

Taj S. Mattu

Non Executive Director Taj S. Mattu BSc MSc DPhil (Oxon) is Director of Foresight Science & Technology (UK) Ltd. 

Taj is an ex-academic with significant experience of business development, technology transfer and technology evaluation. He is a member of the Licensing Executive Society and, having licensed technologies from Oxford University and the UK Ministry of Defence, is now leading the UK operations of the long established Foresight Science & Technology Inc. the leading independent innovation management company. Taj has significant experience of market analysis and sales and marketing of technology led propositions.

Dominic Kelly

Director Dominic Kelly is founder of CBRNe Ltd.

Dominic served in the British Army and his experience in CBRNE has evolved since working at British Nuclear Group. Dominic attended the Cranfield University Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Dept. of Materials & Applied Science CBRN Defence Science Course. DK is Vice Chairman of the Integrated Mission Group Security Technical Area 6 [CBRNE] where he is proactive in broadening the opportunity for research and development within Framework Programme 7 and the European Union Directorate General “Justice Freedom and Security”. Dominic is interested in state of the art CBRE technology chem/bio sensing and PPE products.


Sergey Mikhalovsky

Director Sergey Mikhalovsky is Professor of Materials Chemistry in the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences at Brighton University.

Sergey's expertise is in protection from and treatment of exposures to chemical, biological and radiological agents. He has published 70 academic articles and consults around the world on CBRN matters. Recently, he was co-editor of “Biodefence: Advanced Materials and Methods for Health Protection” published by Springer in the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology.